If you’re planning a brand for a new product, service of business, or a re-brand, I’ve got some really neat steps to help you grasp what your brand is, how you represent it, and how you can share it with others who need to follow it.


I send you a short questionnaire about your brand ideas.

The questions typically cover how you would describe your brand elements:

  • Which values does your business stand for?
  • Which colours represent it?
  • What kind of logo do you have, or want?
  • Which typefaces or fonts are you drawn to, and which would you avoid?
  • Which images can you find that inspire you?
Typeface letters cut from wood
Old wooden type is so beautiful

If you’re struggling to answer the question about brand values, just think about how someone would describe your business. Equally, you don’t have to know the names of different fonts, just describe them to me. And pulling together a ‘moodboard’ of inspirational pictures is great fun!

None of this is meant to be hard work, or a test. If you want I can work this through with you (this can be in person or via Skype call), or you can crack on with the inspiration work by yourself.


Once you’ve returned the Inspiration questionnaire I’ll come up with three options that you can choose from – for colours, fonts and logos.

Brand board

I pull the final colours, logo, moodboard inspiration, values, fonts and imagery into one document – one attractive, impressive page presented with a flourish to set out your brand. I also supply you with your logo(s).

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