Copywriting and content marketing

Copywriting is often something that small businesses struggle with. It’s not easy getting your point across in a concise, persuasive and engaging way, especially if you’ve got a strict word count hanging over your head.

And if copywriting – whether for your website, a magazine article, a brochure or a business proposal isn’t your thing, why not engage me to do it?

That way, you can concentrate your time and effort on the things you’re really good at. Me writing your words will save you time, and your business money.

A wealth of copywriting experience

My content creation experience spans a wealth of subjects and marketing channels:

  • countless newspaper and magazine press releases, news articles, award entries and web pages for a big local council
  • a service user’s life-changing story for a care provider
  • e-newsletters and blog posts for a local clinic
  • business proposals for a big engineering consultancy
  • social media adverts for events
  • posters for local schools

The first rule of good communications is ‘know your audience’. Let’s work together to get under the skin of your audience (i.e. your customers). We’ll find ways to tell your stories that speak to those people, so that your brand can grow, prosper and thrive.

Copywriting, or should that be 'copytyping'?

Get in touch to see how I can help you with content marketing.

Find out why storytelling goes hand-in hand with copywriting.

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