Starting your digital journey

Maybe you just need steering in a clear direction – you’re busy doing the day job and find all this digital or social media stuff at best a bit boring, and at worst, entirely baffling.

You’re looking for a starting point – this is where I step in.

Engage me to pull together a digital strategy for you.

This may sound like something that you don’t need, but believe me, you do – it should be one of the foundations of your business. It’ll set out how and where you should be online.

Your role is to talk to me about your customers and how your product/services solves their problems. Who are your competitors, and where are they online?

My role is to recommend which digital channels you should be using, why, and how. The methods and channels we’ll use will entirely depend on what your customers want.

You may already be online, but are you in the right place, in the best way? Are you focussing on the right things, or are you spreading yourself so thinly that your efforts are reaping little or no reward?

Let’s do a digital audit – and I can recommend how you can make the best of where you are, or where you might be better off starting from scratch.

The next steps:

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