Email marketing

Email marketing and SEO work together to bring visitors to your website and ultimately result in converting traffic into bookings or subscribers.

In my experience, although email might not sound as glamorous as its flashier cousin social media, email gets results, and this is why:

  • Your subscribers have invited you into their inboxes – they want you to be there
  • Your emails are space you own. You rent your space on Facebook and Instagram – those sites could finish tomorrow. But email gives you more control.
  • I’m not talking about a ‘hard-sell’ – this is storytelling to willing ears – people who have asked to listen and who want to hear from you.

Let me take the email marketing pressure off you

This work has two stages:

  1. Setting up a list that your current and potential customers can choose to subscribe to (this bit is really important, from a GDPR legal point of view).
  2. Coming up with ideas for email newsletter content, drafting and issuing emails once you’ve approved them, managing subscribers on an on-going basis, sub-dividing into more focussed groups where appropriate, and producing monthly analytics report, with recommendations for the next newsletter.

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